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Our Productions

2016-06-25 0 comments admin Other

Oduataj Productions & Entertainment Limited.
is a multifaceted and creative production company registered in Nigeria for film production that inteprets our African stories and a quality-oriented manner such that will be globally appreciated first in African and the rest of the world. Our core competent area being diversified movie directing and production boosted with the C.E.O international recognition in cinematographic perfection, screenplay and in addition, creating stars among dude characters in the film industry in Nigeria, USA, Germany, UK just to mention but few.

Our Vision:
To help build the best African Film Industry.

Our Mission:
To inspire film makers around the world to collaborate with African counterparts in meaningful and cinematically engaging for world-class movie production

Our production team:
Experience and successful media crew with rich content/film production practitioners converge for every film interpretation. We provide full spectrum of services ranging from script writing, production equipment rentals as a consultant to real owners of equipment who trusted our ability to broker deals and keep media gadgets on check throughout pre-production stages. We also take burdens off from clients who may need our services through representation and consulting for Nollywood film marketing and distribution.

Our competitive edge:
is our ability to develop high quality, powerful, inquiring and satisfying production services headed by prolific producers and award winning directors in Africa and the diaspora with technical efficiency in full fledge production.


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